Wednesday, 20 December 2017

5 Days to Christmas!!

Hello everyone! In five more days it'll be Christmas, yeah CHRIST-mas. It's the day we celebrate the birth of our saviour or for most of us its the day we wear new clothes, sing jingle bells and eat rice and chicken. What the....yeah...that doesn't sound right does it?

We watch movies that tell us Christmas is all about having fun and spending time with friends and families oh and of course Santa. Don't get me wrong. I got nothing against Mr Santa Claus; I love presents too. But is that really what Christmas is about? For goodness sake the word has Christ in it. Unfortunately not all of actually reverence Christ on His day.

Okay I'll be honest. Christmas without new clothes, no outing and rice and chicken feels Horrible (with a capital H people lol). I can vividly remember the Christmas I didn't wear new fancy clothes and we stayed at home. I was sooo sad. I cried all day long saying this was the worst Christmas ever! some of you probably feel that way when our human tradition of eating chicken and going out on Christmas day isn't met.

A lot of us end up celebrating everything else excluding Christ on Christmas day. It's stressful and maybe even boring having to go to church. Going out with friends to the movies, partying, travelling, yeah we're talking. Sounds more Christmassy right? Permit me to roll my eyes. ps. don't feel bad I'm guilty too lol

We can't celebrate Christmas if we don't really know the essence of it. Please I'd like to know how many of us actually know the essence of Christmas? Why exactly did God come and why do we celebrate the birth of who we call our saviour?

Here are a few;
The Essence of Christmas
1. He came to save the lost (Luke 2:8-11): if you are not saved you will not be able to appreciate the essence of Christmas. Note: Being saved is not the same as going to church everyday or saying grace before you eat. your piety is not the same as being saved. Piety is a practice, Holiness is a lifestyle. Being saved is having the Lord Jesus as resident in you. Have you received Jesus into your heart? That is Christmas.

2. He came for reconciliation and peace (Luke 2: 13-14; 2 Corn 5: 20) : if you are quarrelling with a friend, family member or neighbour then my dear friend let me just advice you. skip the meal and make peace. as a matter of maturity, as a child of God initiate reconciliation.

There are still more I got but till then digest this. I'm about to x. So in advance Teenella wishes you all a Merry Christmas!

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