Thursday, 12 July 2018

The Power of Mentorship

We were about to leave.  Everyone had participated in their activity except me but it looked like I was going to miss mine.  Worst of all I wouldn't be there till the end of the of the program.  It was an exciting and insightful experience and boy was I glad my mum had forced me to wake up and go to church so I could attend the Teens Fellowship which my church had been invited to. 

My heart was beating real fast as shyness did a long dance in my mind.  I so badly wanted to meet him.  I knew this was a chance of a lifetime, not one to simply close my eyes and pretend would come back again and maybe if I missed it again it'll still come back like a simple pendulum of opportunities, oscillating in my favour. Taking a deep breath I tapped his shoulders, knelt down to the level of the chair and introduced myself, "Good evening sir, my name is Emmanuella..."
Then he put his arms around me and suddenly I felt calm. Yes, I was legit talking to Mr Zion Oshiobugie, The Academic Mentor! I poured out my heart's dilemma  on my inability to decide if I wanted to be in the art or science department. I also told him of my passion for writing and that I was a blogger. And click, he said the words that are forever etched in neon blue ink in my memory, "Do you know what I can do with you? " And that was it, a professional start to my career as a writer. 

On Monday morning I was more than eager to wake up and get dressed, in contrast to my usual mourning of the 2 minutes sleep missed because of the one thousand and one things I had to do (holiday gone wrong). Today I was going to Mr Zion's office to have a meeting, one on one with him.  

I was putting on my black turtle neck with a loose skirt, waiting eagerly at the reception office. About an hour later he walked in and and beckoned me to his office.  Now seated and enclosed in the mini White House he smiled a warm smile at me, did the regular pleasantry greetings and the main meat of the fried rice was now ready to be eaten.  I had a choice to make and he had the fairy's magical wand I prayed would make everything a whole lot easier. He handed me a piece of paper which contained the Holland code. With just the two of us in the room I filled the piece of paper with ease.  When I was done we wrote out my code together. I was surprised to find out the extent of my inclination to the world of art.  He showed me the career opportunities available based on my code. 

I had earlier introduced myself in details and he had given me a world class TedX speech on passion, siting himself as an example. I was wowed at his story of a house boy transformed entrepreneur. Like a little kid in pre-school who had just learnt the power of a light switch, my entire body was set ablaze with the newly discovered power I had, my imagination more than sparked, it made, produced and advertised an entire movie in which I was the star, a super hero with the power to do anything I put my mind to, passion fuelling it all(some telekinesis kinda dream). 

I walked out that room with a mind set, heart straight, I finally knew what I wanted to do with my life.  It was hard convincing those around me but I've never made a better and more fulfilling decision. 

Occasionally we had meetings in his office where he counselled me and exposed me to writing opportunities.  Daily I would send him poetry that I had written and he would never fail to inform me on how to improve my skills. My first break came after I won the Writtinggamesng2017,  a national competition organised by and the University of Sussex. I was unethusiastic when I saw the message from my mentor to apply.  The Competition required you to write an essay titled, 'Making Nigerian Football Attractive'. So far my scope of football was, "I know there's a guy named Ronaldo and another, Messi."

"You can channel your creativity to whatever you want, " he said and those words inspired me to write.  And so on the 11th of September I was declared the winner of the Writinggamesng2017 under the second category.  It was a victory that proved the power of my words, and my potentials as a writer.

Under his constant mentorship, my children fiction, Aminant the rascal won the Imbube Creative Writing Prize last year October.  I also published my first collection of poetry titled 'Feelings' on Amazon.  On May 19th this year I was given an Award of Excellence by Raising Young Authors for my contribution to the creative world of writing.

I am now proud to say the words 'I am a writer,' and after being mentored by Mr Zion Oshiobugie I have seen the need to change the status quo and through my pen I write on issues that affect our Immediate society and world at large.  My dream is to create a revolution of teenagers fuelled by passion who will be leaders of various industries. It is time that the limited career mindset of our people are expanded and enlightened.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Just Take a Step

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’m the shy type. Extremely shy type. Well when it comes to certain stuff anyway. I’m much better than how I used to do. I was a moving body lacking even the tiniest bit of self-esteem. I couldn’t even walk from point A or B. inferiority complex? Lol…I ain’t got time for fancy names. I most certainly didn’t feel fancy then (and from time to time now). Sure momma said I was the prettiest but my mirror told me differently. I hated the way I look. I felt extremely fat even when I wasn’t. really short though I’m average height (there’s a difference lol…hehe!).
I’ll cut to the chase but you probably get the picture now. This ‘inferiority complex’ of mine; No no. I’ll call it the ‘I feel ugly’ syndrome, posed as serious barriers to me. I couldn’t make friends. I was too darn shy. I lacked confidence to speak up. My heart pounded each time the spotlight turns to me (and it still does. You should have seen me yesterday. I’ll get to that soon. Be patient!) I kept quiet even when I so badly wanted to speak up.
I’d rather stay home, listen to music and write than have to sit with a bunch of strangers (ps. That was how I spent my Easter. Not the sitting with strangers lolsss). I was more than happy when the rain would fall really hard and prevented me from going somewhere. It was (or is) the greatest joy when they forget to call my name up. I give praise to God when an event which I was supposed to perform is cancelled. (honestly that’s like best day ever!!!!)
So did I ever change? Did the hero of the story finally step up? Umm…yes…actually no. Okay, look its way more complex than that. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that change doesn’t happen overnight. So don’t beat yourself up just because kisses don’t actually turn frogs to princes. It takes way more than that. You have to be willing change. Then change your mind-set. There’s an unbelievable power in your mind-set. It’s what makes you act the way you do. For me one of the best ways of transforming it is by confessing it. start calling yourself a prince/princess even before you turn out to be one. Besides true beauty is knowing who you are.
I bet you’re aching to find out what happened yesterday. Patience pays off my dear. And because you’ve read 404 words to reach this moment I will. Imagine this; you’re seated, facing the altar. The preacher’s wife is speaking. She’s been speaking for the past 20 minutes calling on different people and somehow you’ve managed escaping from being called out to answer a question. There’s a sigh of relief from your lips despite the fact that a part of you is aching to speak up because you know these answers so well. Then a man from the audience asks a question. You raise your hand so quickly and not more than a few inches from your body. Not enough for anyone to notice this. Others are answering the question and now your entire soul is aching to speak up because you have something very different to say. Then a young pastor seated in front of you notices this and beckons on you to raise your hand much higher and helps signal an usher to hand me a mike.
I stand up after waiting for the person to talking to finish and I speak up. I finally mustered the courage to say something though I needed a little push to do so. You see in life there mayn’t always be ‘young pastors’ to notice and give you that push you need. But you still need to just take a step.
And the good news is I didn’t die, didn’t faint, didn’t get laughed at, didn’t make a silly blunder but I did speak up. Because I just took a step. Do you know what that step was? Having the courage to get up, dress, go to church all alone on foot and even sit at front (third row! Can you believe that?).
Now that’s a big victory to me…. smiles…

Friday, 19 January 2018

Still I Rise

“You may write me down in history
With your bitter twisted lies
You may trod me in the very dirt

But still, like dust, I’ll rise”
The above is an excerpt from the poem ‘Still I Rise’ by Maya Angelou one of the most renowned poets of all times. I just love this woman (She’s late by the way…tears). This poem is a personal favourite.
In the course of our struggle, success story we will encounter setbacks- fact. We’ll experience disappointments, betrayals, failure. But it’s all meant to make you greater, give you a new strength and increase your wisdom. So do not lament over issues instead give joy and thanks for it is another opportunity to learn something new, break records and refine yourself.

Yes, I am aware it’s not easy during times of difficulty but you have to learn to have a resilient spirit that says, “No matter what happens, how big the obstacle is, how tired I may seem, I will not give up, I will not let the problem overcome me. I shall conquer, possess and achieve greater heights. Despite my present situation I shall still achieve my goal. I really do not care but you can beat me up, drag me to the ground, attempt to bury me but like dust I still rise.”
I still rise….

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

5 Days to Christmas!!

Hello everyone! In five more days it'll be Christmas, yeah CHRIST-mas. It's the day we celebrate the birth of our saviour or for most of us its the day we wear new clothes, sing jingle bells and eat rice and chicken. What the....yeah...that doesn't sound right does it?

We watch movies that tell us Christmas is all about having fun and spending time with friends and families oh and of course Santa. Don't get me wrong. I got nothing against Mr Santa Claus; I love presents too. But is that really what Christmas is about? For goodness sake the word has Christ in it. Unfortunately not all of actually reverence Christ on His day.

Okay I'll be honest. Christmas without new clothes, no outing and rice and chicken feels Horrible (with a capital H people lol). I can vividly remember the Christmas I didn't wear new fancy clothes and we stayed at home. I was sooo sad. I cried all day long saying this was the worst Christmas ever! some of you probably feel that way when our human tradition of eating chicken and going out on Christmas day isn't met.

A lot of us end up celebrating everything else excluding Christ on Christmas day. It's stressful and maybe even boring having to go to church. Going out with friends to the movies, partying, travelling, yeah we're talking. Sounds more Christmassy right? Permit me to roll my eyes. ps. don't feel bad I'm guilty too lol

We can't celebrate Christmas if we don't really know the essence of it. Please I'd like to know how many of us actually know the essence of Christmas? Why exactly did God come and why do we celebrate the birth of who we call our saviour?

Here are a few;
The Essence of Christmas
1. He came to save the lost (Luke 2:8-11): if you are not saved you will not be able to appreciate the essence of Christmas. Note: Being saved is not the same as going to church everyday or saying grace before you eat. your piety is not the same as being saved. Piety is a practice, Holiness is a lifestyle. Being saved is having the Lord Jesus as resident in you. Have you received Jesus into your heart? That is Christmas.

2. He came for reconciliation and peace (Luke 2: 13-14; 2 Corn 5: 20) : if you are quarrelling with a friend, family member or neighbour then my dear friend let me just advice you. skip the meal and make peace. as a matter of maturity, as a child of God initiate reconciliation.

There are still more I got but till then digest this. I'm about to x. So in advance Teenella wishes you all a Merry Christmas!

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Songs about letting God take control

Music helps me a lot. Its more or less medicine to me. In my bad and good times. There are times when we feel stressed, when it feels like the weight of the world rests wholly on us. We become weak, cranky, angry and frustrated.  But that's just what happens when we think we can do it all on our own; Truth is we can't. We need God.

Zechariah 4:6, NIV So he said to me, “This is the word of the LORD to Zerubbabel: ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty.

Don't beat yourself up worrying. After all what good does that do? I grew up with this song;
Why worry when you can pray? Trust in Jesus, He'll lead your way. Don't be a doubting Thomas. Just lean upon his promise. Why worry worry worry worry? When you can pray?
Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him,  and he will make your paths straight.

So here's the list;
1. Let you drive by Manafest
2. Jesus take the wheel by Carrie Underwood
3. Backseat driver by TobyMac ft Hollyn
4. Background by Lecrae
5. Surrender by Blanca
6. Surrender by Hillsong

7. All I need is you by Lecrae
8. God is Enough by Lecrae
9. He never sleeps by Don Moen
10. Glow by MC Jin feat Tim Be Told
11. Prove Me Wrong by Mandisa
12. Into Your Arms by Capital Kings
13. Let Go by Manafest
14. Sinking Deep by Hillsong Young and Free
15. Things Fall Apart by Derek Minor

Tuesday, 17 October 2017


Who are you? Who do you think you are? Much deeper than you think,the question seems simple on the surface but the content it holds can change or ruin the life of someone. We all have been asked this question in years past and various answer has been given to this but non has really answered the self claim "simple question." Who are you is a question that defines you, a question that reveals your capabilities, it's a single question that identifies your whole essence of existence. If you are still having difficulties answering that question, you are losing your value.
For you to be able to give an accurate answer that best suit that question, you have to be familiar with the little question that makes up that single question.

SELF-AWARENESSSelf awareness is the recognition of your personality, your strength and weakness, your likes and dislikesDeveloping self awareness can help you to recognize WHO YOU ARE  and assess your abilities. 

you have to be able to identify what you are made up of and be able to explore that content. Self awareness is on of the major key in knowing  who you areIt's falls falls under the categories of your inner and outer and outer self.
    • OUTER SELF: In life we spend so much time focused on our outer self, the person we present to others. The outer self is concerned with what others thing or say, it's always looking over our shoulders at what others are doing and comparing our self to others. The outer self is a mask we ware to cover up the fact that we have lost touch with our inner self 
      • INNER SELF:  Is the person that no one ever sees, your inner self consist of the true feelings, desires, likes and dislikes that you masked from the world in other to be accepted and admired by the society. Finding your unique self expresses who you truly are and that means you have to remove the mask of the outer self. 

        "A deep understanding of what you are made of from will give you an idea of who you are" So what are you made up from???

        Thursday, 12 October 2017


        LIFE!! Easily pronounced, spelt and giving meaning to but we fail to pay close attention to how powerful it is. A famous quote by Bishop David Oyedepo states "There's no free lunch in LIFE"  Nothing comes up so easy in life is either you work or struggle to get it.
        The bitter truth about life is that it would be tough, hard and cruel to you, it would gladly step on you, drag you, torture, humiliate and strip you off of what you own BUT the question remains "ARE YOU WILLING TO QUIT" You have to be smart, organized and stubborn to overcome life's challenges, strong enough to defeat all obstacles thrown at you.
        You are the best of you, go out, confront, challenge and be the winner you are. 

        THE BIG QUESTION 101

        HOW? HOW? HOW?

        How did Dwayne Johnson became the world highest paid actor.?
        How did Bill Gate became the world richest man?
        How did a poor boy like Jack Ma became the richest man in china today?

        HOW? HOW? HOW? 

        The big question still remains unanswered in the life of some people today. Some say they were lucky, but luck has nothing to do with your success of today. You can't just wake up one morning and say you want to be successful, cause you fall before you even rise. There are path to follow, instruction to adhere to in other to be where you should be today, there's a foundation in which your success would be build upon in other to attain that success you want.

        CURIOSITY : Curiosity, one of the most powerful word in the line of success, a word that drives people into creative thinkers. Curiosity simply means having a strong desire to know something, a desire to learn, a desire to push forward in all. Most successful men and women today as pointed curiosity to be the bed rock of learning, it's the foundation of which education was built upon. Every successful person today had an atom of curiosity in them that drove them to the level and height they are today, they were eager to learn and inquisitive in thing..

        Curiosity is all about asking questions, trying to question the very existence of something in other to get more information and details about it. What makes a successful student is their ability to always ask questions in other to get more details and understand it.
        Curiosity is an inbuilt talent which each and every on of us need to access  and utilize. Curiosity drives us up⬌makes us stand out cause our curiosity can solve the big problem of our lives. There's something we to know, something we have passion for, something we really want to push at.

        " YOU CAN'T GET AN ANSWER IF NO QUESTION IS ASKED " You have have to be curious in other to ask question. So we should channel our curiosity in the positive side to be be improved and inform


        The Power of Mentorship

        We were about to leave.  Everyone had participated in their activity except me but it looked like I was going to miss mine.  Worst of all...