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Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Song: Through Your Eyes by Britt Nicole, Work of Art by Britt Nicole.
“There’s a lot of things I would change if I could go back, back to the day of creation.” I used to be pretty convinced God made some errors while molding me and omitted some important parts lol. It didn’t help to constantly feel like everyone else had a better body shape, personality and disposition. So even if God handed me the paint brush to color my imperfections out I wouldn’t be sure how to do it-fatter or thinner? taller or shorter?
It took years to be anything close to being comfortable in my own body. Years filled with ups and down. I would look in the mirror, feel good and the minute I walked out every piece of self-confidence would ooze out. I hated my body. And I hated the fact that I hated my body. I couldn’t understand why I just couldn’t be like everyone else. Why couldn’t I be free and walk, jump and move like I wasn’t a heavy baggage?
“You alone created my inner being. You knitted me together inside m…
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What if I was Given 5 Talents?

The Parable of the Talents is one that currently has me feeling guilty. Why?  I'm mighty good at being passive, at having logical and acceptable excuses for not doing a task. And I've been able to fight my 'silly' conscience pretty well that I now I fear for my lack of guilty feeling.  (I'm a weirdo.  Yes I know!)

If there's one thing I admire my mum for it's how she gets things done.  How she sees something wrong, and suddenly BOOM!  a strong ambition is born and she's fights with all her heart to fix it.  I on the other hand am a different variety of her genes. I think 🤔.  While I am aware of problems and can write up a beautiful solution to it or ponder deeply about the problem, doing something about it means I've given myself a hell of pep talk (by that I mean my mum or someone else has)  or it's a do or die affair (according to the convincer). This is not to say I'm some bottled up person who stays mute. Nope! I can do stuff ...fix stu…


Maybe it’s because I did not prepare. Maybe it’s because I slept too much. I think it’s because I did not have enough practice. OH! Is it because I did not pray?
So many similar questions has been used as judgment for failure in our lives but the true and only reason why I failed was just IGNORANCE. All those questions are just parts to failure but can never be a reason for failure; we have directed the reason for failure to different angle but still did not realize that failure is caused by IGNORANCE. Ignorance not only limited to the lack of knowledge or education, can also know what to do but lack the information to do it. Ignorance to do when you have to do it and ignorance to do how you need to do it has been the bedrock that has enhance  failure in all ways, ignorance has spearheaded failure for so long and will continue to until it is realized and defeated.  The point at which failure begin is the part at which we start being ignorant about things and that can contribute to failure. I…


I failed not because i want to. I failed not because the society was bad. I failed not because the economy was crumbling. I failed not because my parent had no money.
Failure being one of the most used adjective is usually used to describe under performance and inability to meet up as expected to a particular task, but we ourselves fail to realize that failure  is not just a disappointment but a CHANCE. 
We all have different definition to describe failure but i define it as a SECOND CHANCE A second chance to rise. A second chance to think. A second chance to realize. A second chance to WIN.
I failed not because i want to, but i failed just because i had to go back to identify with me mistake and make an advantage over it. We all have and are still having our own fair share of failure in some areas, we all have and are also suffering from the discrimination attached to it but we miss out on a simple and clear fact that.  FAILURES ARE NOT THOSE THAT FAILS AND …


“OPPORTUNITY COMES ONCE NOT TWICE” A very popular quote, a quote which meaning has been altered. Opportunities are created, opportunities are realized and opportunities are worked for. For one to create an opportunity for one to be aware of an opportunity you have to identify your PURPOSE, everything with success and achievement revolves around PURPOSE.Purpose is identifying with your inner self, knowing what you are built for; purpose is a sense of achievement with determination. So many has failed, so many has dropped, some sees that road as an impossible journey but bitter truth is that their purpose has not been identified with. Teenagers are the highest victims to that, they tend to know what they want but they fail to realize what their abilities are, we tend to “ASSUME” instead of identifying. Purpose plays a vital role in achieving your goal because a right purpose for a wrong goal can lead to disaster in your achievement. Purpose is identifying, identifying means knowing and …

The Power of Mentorship

We were about to leave.  Everyone had participated in their activity except me but it looked like I was going to miss mine.  Worst of all I wouldn't be there till the end of the of the program.  It was an exciting and insightful experience and boy was I glad my mum had forced me to wake up and go to church so I could attend the Teens Fellowship which my church had been invited to. 
My heart was beating real fast as shyness did a long dance in my mind.  I so badly wanted to meet him.  I knew this was a chance of a lifetime, not one to simply close my eyes and pretend would come back again and maybe if I missed it again it'll still come back like a simple pendulum of opportunities, oscillating in my favour. Taking a deep breath I tapped his shoulders, knelt down to the level of the chair and introduced myself, "Good evening sir, my name is Emmanuella..." Then he put his arms around me and suddenly I felt calm. Yes, I was legit talking to Mr Zion Oshiobugie, The Academ…

Just Take a Step

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’m the shy type. Extremely shy type. Well when it comes to certain stuff anyway. I’m much better than how I used to do. I was a moving body lacking even the tiniest bit of self-esteem. I couldn’t even walk from point A or B. inferiority complex? Lol…I ain’t got time for fancy names. I most certainly didn’t feel fancy then (and from time to time now). Sure momma said I was the prettiest but my mirror told me differently. I hated the way I look. I felt extremely fat even when I wasn’t. really short though I’m average height (there’s a difference lol…hehe!).
I’ll cut to the chase but you probably get the picture now. This ‘inferiority complex’ of mine; No no. I’ll call it the ‘I feel ugly’ syndrome, posed as serious barriers to me. I couldn’t make friends. I was too darn shy. I lacked confidence to speak up. My heart pounded each time the spotlight turns to me (and it still does. You should have seen me yesterday. I’ll get to that soon. Be patient!) I k…