Friday, 12 May 2017

Songs to listen to when you don't feel good about yourself

Here's a list of christian songs that everyone should listen to. As a christian teen I face peer pressure,confusion and day to day challenges probably every christian teen faces. I find christian music a remedy to my troubled mind.
1. Headphones by Britt Nicole
2. Not so Average by V.rose
3. Don't want to live for me by Moriah Peters
4. Imagine me by Kirk Franklin
5. God favoured me
6. Lovin' me by Jonathan McReynolds
7. No Better You by V.Rose

Remember you are beautifully and wonderfully made.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Inspiring Poem

Did you know that the month April is recognized as World Poetry month.

In honour of this and also because I'm a poet, I'm publishing a self-written poem titled, I'm a Youth.

The poem identifies the carefree lifestyle of youths of this generation. I wrote this poem through accumulated experiences, how I feel at times as well as what I see in many youths. Hope you are inspired;

Poem: I'm a Youth
I'm a youth
This means I'm young
I'm growing
and developing

I'm a youth
This means I can be shy
I can be immature
I can do insensible things

I'm a youth
My mum says I'm strong headed
I love to do things myself
and take orders from no one.

I'm a youth
My dad gives me responsibilities
I grumble, groan
and cant wait to be
in the company of my friends.

I'm a youth
This means I'm always concerned
about my looks- shape, clothes, hair
I try to be updated on the latest trends.

I'm a youth
I love to listen to loud music
dance all day
and waste away valuable time.

I'm a youth
I feel I have a hundred years ahead of me
I enjoy not having the weight of life on me
Adventure is my only call

I'm a youth
I'm ignorant of my potentials
of my capabilities
and my worth.

I'm a youth
Life is all about fun for me
Life is sweet and cool when you're a youth.
You never hear the clock ticking.

I'm a youth
I do anything and everything
but the things that'll make me better.
For me, life is to be enjoyed.

I'm a youth
All I need are drinks, tv, food and friends
stupid imagination
and a daring heart.

I'm a youth
I am soon to wake up from my hallucinations
and realize that there's a mountain
at the end of the smooth, fun road.

I'm a youth
about to not be a youth
and to realize that the clock was ticking
and energetic life had gone.

If You feel confused

I was so confused some minutes ago. Last year I was very undecided on if I wanted to be a science or art student. Now by God's grace and wisdom I chose science. I've decided I'm doing a medical course. But I'm just not sure which 😖.
I started imagining myself having a bleak or unfulfilling future because I wasn't sure what I wanted to be or do.
Negative thoughts started playing in my mind. I'm very happy I didn't stay in that condition for long 😊. I remembered a quote from my favourite christian rapper KB. He said:

I don't know what tomorrow holds but I know who holds my tomorrow.

Suddenly so much faith and confidence rose in me. Every doubt and negative thought cleared my mind. I still may not be sure on what I want to be, but I have trust and faith in my God. I know He's with me every step. I'm sure I'm in safe hands and therefore I have no cause to worry.

Matthew 6:25 : “Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?
English Standard Version (ESV)

Saturday, 15 April 2017

My Must Have Christian Songs

I love christian music. There's just nothing like it. Here's a list of christian songs that have inspired, motivated and helped me through both good and bad times.
Note: It's not written in any order.

1. Imagine me by Kirk Franklin
2. Oceans by Hillsong
3. Comforter by Cece Winas
4. Praise you in the storm by casting crowns
5. Cry out to Jesus by Third day
6. Rebuild by J.Moss
7. Withholding nothing
8. He never sleeps by Don Moen
9. I surrender by Hillsong
10. With everything by Hillsong
11. Stay high by Jonathan Mcreynolds
12. I Am by Mark Shultz
13. I lift my voice in adoration by Darlene zschech
14. Break every chain by Tasha Cobbs
15. Intentional by Travis Greene
16. Made a way by Travis Greene
17. Stronger by Hillsong
18. Fill this place by Juanita Bynum
19. Fill a heart by Tori Kelly
20. My God is Awesome by Charles Jenkins

Friday, 14 April 2017

Its Good Friday

Hey its Teenella and I'm sure you know what today is. GOOD FRIDAY!!! The day the son of God made that big sacrifice that offered us salvation and eternal life.

What Jesus did on the cross for mankind on this very day isn't something ordinary, its extraordinary. Imagine someone who created us was shamed, beaten and disgraced by his very own creation.

Do you realize Jesus could have decided not to die on that cross. I mean God didn't order him to. But because of the inexplicable love and mercy Jesus had for mankind he came in flesh and paid the price for our prize- the opportunity of salvation and eternal love.

Jesus I thank you for the sacrifice you made on the cross this very day. Thank you for salvation and eternal life even though I'm not worthy of it.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Stand Up and Speak Out

There's one major problem I have and that's not speaking up. I know what's right and what's wrong but I keep succumbing to wrong. I just make up an excuse for my actions. Its something that has become more of a habit.
I end up feeling guilty and sort of condemned. I usually spend many nights thinking over my actions and wondering what I could have done better.
I'm sure of it now. I have to learn to stand up and speak out on what I believe, my faith and opinions.
If you're out there and you feel the need to be bold about your opinions like me, say this prayer with me:

Dear Lord I thank you for today. Thank you for you provision and protection over my life. Thank you Lord for letting me see my fault. I ask in your name to give me the grace to be bold and stand up an speak out.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Ask God To Use You

Are you bored. Well why not hunger to be useful. Why not spend this year being busy for the Lord.
I encourage you to ask God to use you this year. There are so many ways you can help enlarge the kingdom of God. You don't necessarily have to go round carrying a bible (although that's a way!) why not use your God-given talents. Do you have a persuasive attitude then persuade someone to read a verse in the bible. Are you a good speaker, why not speak up about God! I mean what's so wrong with that! Come on we are christians. Not just christians we are youths, which means we can be crazy, silly😉 be crazy for God this year and spread it.
why not say this simple prayer with me today:
Lord I want to be used this year. Father help me to be bold in declaring your greatness. I pray that this year I will use my talents and gifts to your glory.

Songs to listen to when you don't feel good about yourself

Here's a list of christian songs that everyone should listen to. As a christian teen I face peer pressure,confusion and day to day chall...