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My favourite Songs from Hillsong

Hillsong is one of my favourite christian bands. I've been listening to their songs for years now and it has been a blessing. These are my all time favourite songs by Hillsong:

1. Oceans : This song always and I mean always moves me. I usually tend to cry when I listen to it. It changes the atmosphere and then I just become oblivious to my environment.

2. I surrender: Yet another touching song. Love love it. Its such a beautiful song. Its a song of personal dedication. In case you are wondering, yes this song makes me cry as well hehe.

3. With everything: "With everything with everything I will shout for your glory". The song speaks for itself. Wont say much (Its too nice for words!)

4. Stronger by Hillsong: Its all about positive confessions. I listen to or sing it any time I feel weak.

5. Hosanna: Eeeh! If you haven't heard this song, stop right now. Click on follow my blog (hehe..really has nothing to do with it! Bt still do oo), check your music app and download …