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More: A Christian Perspective on Modesty

Lydia Jane

Greetings to my family in Christ,
I am writing today to address the topic of modesty for young women. I have addressed the issue of modesty somewhat when I wrote a post responding to a meme I saw that I did not agree with. ( This time, however, I would like to show a more in depth perspective of modesty for the young Christian woman specifically. Some of you who may be reading this might be thinking, “Here we go, another let’s tell women about modesty post.” Perhaps you may even be asking, “Why don’t these Christian bloggers ever address modesty for men?” For those who are thinking the former that this is just another modesty post, I hope you will not dismiss the issue as it will always be an issue as long as the world is fallen, and for those who wonder why the modesty issue is not being addressed for men, there are those who do or have addressed that topic, but for now I will be addressing the young wo…