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Showing posts from March 2, 2017

Ask God To Use You

Are you bored. Well why not hunger to be useful. Why not spend this year being busy for the Lord.
I encourage you to ask God to use you this year. There are so many ways you can help enlarge the kingdom of God. You don't necessarily have to go round carrying a bible (although that's a way!) why not use your God-given talents. Do you have a persuasive attitude then persuade someone to read a verse in the bible. Are you a good speaker, why not speak up about God! I mean what's so wrong with that! Come on we are christians. Not just christians we are youths, which means we can be crazy, silly😉 be crazy for God this year and spread it.
why not say this simple prayer with me today:
Lord I want to be used this year. Father help me to be bold in declaring your greatness. I pray that this year I will use my talents and gifts to your glory.