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Not As I Planned (Poem Alert!!)

You know how it is when at age six you decided you'll be a vet. Then at age nine you upgraded and say why not be a doctor. Then at fourteen you watch this cool movie of crime investigators and you're like that's so cool. Well if you haven't I have. I've probably imagined myself in literally ever career there is lol.

I'm not here to talk about career choices. Nope! Just want to say how life may not turn out as planned or expected but when God is your captain you can expect a safe destination.

Here's a poem I wrote titled Planned my Life.

I planned my life
Every inch of it
I knew who I was before anyone found out
I had decided my future before I understand the word
I was sure of where I was going
I knew the route,
Yes every inch of it.

At five I planned my sweet sixteen
Yes every inch of it
I knew the venue before I knew my house location
I knew which university I would go to
Before even being in high school
Yes every inch of it

What was I gonna be?
Oh th…