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Showing posts from April 7, 2017

Stand Up and Speak Out

There's one major problem I have and that's not speaking up. I know what's right and what's wrong but I keep succumbing to wrong. I just make up an excuse for my actions. Its something that has become more of a habit.
I end up feeling guilty and sort of condemned. I usually spend many nights thinking over my actions and wondering what I could have done better.
I'm sure of it now. I have to learn to stand up and speak out on what I believe, my faith and opinions.
If you're out there and you feel the need to be bold about your opinions like me, say this prayer with me:

Dear Lord I thank you for today. Thank you for you provision and protection over my life. Thank you Lord for letting me see my fault. I ask in your name to give me the grace to be bold and stand up an speak out.