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Who is Jesus to you? GOD IS HERE!

If I asked you who Jesus is to you, what would you say?

I guess a lot of start imagining a holy dude with halo lights lolllz.

I'm reading this book titled, 'God is here' by Steve Case. I love something mentioned in the book. God isn't just in the sky and church or holy mountain. He is in your room, in your mirror, your books, your pots and pans. He's not just a God of heaven and earth, he's in the 'pots and pans and things' . Haha..know your like what? How can I say that our almighty, the creator of heaven and earth is in the pots and pans and things?

Let me explain something to you. God is omnipresent which means he is everywhere, so if he's in the church, he is also in your room. Understand?

When you look at God as only the God of big things you probably won't notice him in the little things.

I strive, hunger and thirst for a deep relationship with God. And one of the things I do is to talk to him not only about the big things but the littl…