Monday, 14 August 2017

Songs To Boost Self-Confidence plus My Fight For Self-acceptance

If there's anything I suffered from badly it was lack of self-confidence. For a long time I struggled to see myself as beautiful. Growing up I was a very chubby kid and because of this I felt like an outsider, odd and I resented myself. I felt ugly and the spiteful comments of some people confirmed it. Even though my parents saw me as very beautiful I never did. I wished I looked like everyone else. I wished I wasn't so fat or so short. To make matters worse came pimples. This just had to crown it all. What could be worse, being one of the first in your class to start having pimples. Having your peer mates shout 'Eeeww!!!' when you were in their midst. Staring at others be so free and comfortable in their skin and wondering why I wasn't  like them. Wondering why I couldn't act like the others.

I've come a long way in discovering who I am. I'm still discovering anyway. But I've realized if there's anything I am, its certainly not being ugly. It of course took a long time to realize this. It took years of staring at a mirror and trying to convince myself. It took a lot of data subscribing to confidence boosting sites. It took a deeper relationship with Jesus. In which I could tell Him of my every pain and battle.

I'm glad to say that I've passed that phase in my life. This is not to say I don't feel uncomfortable when I'm around people. Nope I still do sometimes. But now each time I hear a voice that tells me how ugly or weird or different I am from everyone else, I'm not afraid to shout back at that voice saying:

I still feel  awkward when I walk down the street, but this time not with doubt in my heart. Even if my mind might take a while processing the fact of who I am, my heart doesn't. My heart is sure and spirit convinced and that's what keeps me walking down that street.

Music has helped me a lot through these times of self-realization and it still does.
This is a list of songs that made me feel a whole lot better when I felt a whole lot unhappy:

  1. Imagine Me by Kirk Franklin
  2. No Better U by V.Rose
  3. Not So Average by V.Rose
  4. I Know Who I Am by Sinach
  5. Stay High by Jonathan McReynolds
  6. Lovin' Me by Jonathan McReynolds
  7. Headphones by Britt Nicole
  8. Ready Or Not by Britt Nicole feat. Lecrae
  9. Not Backing Down by Blanca
  10. Be All Right By KB
  11. Find Your Way by KB
  12. Smile by Jonathan Mcreynolds

Women After God's Heart Playlist

Made this playlist on the music app about a week ago. It consists of songs by Christian women about being after God's Heart or better still having a longing or desire for God, as well as songs by Christian women who I believe through their works have shown their passion for Christ.
note: Its not limited to a specific genre

  1. After You by Britt Nicole
  2. Through Your Eyes by Britt Nicole
  3. More What I Wanted by Cece Winas
  4. Alabaster Box by Cece Winas
  5. In Awe by Hollyn
  6. Love With Your Life by Hollyn
  7. Fill A Heart by Tori Kelly
  8. Hollow by Tori Kelly
  9. I'll Be Alright by Beckah Shae
  10. Legacy by Beckah Shae feat. Crystal Lewis
  11. Lord I Give You My Heart by Darlene Zschech
  12. I Lift My Voice In Adoration by Darlene Zschech
  13. Surrender by Blanca
  14. Not Backing Down by Blanca
  15. Don't Want To Live For Me by Moriah Peters
  16. Brave by Moriah Peters
  17. Because Of Who You Are by Juanita Bynum
  18. You Are Great by Juanita Bynum
  19. Way Maker by Sinach
  20. More by Sinach
  21. Surrender by V.Rose feat. Flame
  22. Take A Broken Heart by V.Rose feat. Derek Minor
  23. Hold Me by Jamie Grace
  24. Beautiful Day by Jamie Grace
  25. Seattle by Mary Mary
  26. Shackles by Mary Mary
  27. Adore by Jaci Velasquez
  28. I Am Not Alone by Kari Jobe
  29. Break Every Chain by Tasha Cobbs
  30. Smile by Tasha Cobbs

Love Songs by Christian musicians

Don't you just love love? So beautiful, I find myself falling in love with love. Crazy right?
Anyway here's a list of love songs from my favorite Christian musicians:

  1. Beautiful Life 2 (Mine) by Trip Lee
  2. Desire by Gawvi feat. Darrein Safron
  3. Love You Better by Derek Minor feat. JC
  4. California Lovers by Tori Kelly
  5. Don't Wanna Wake Up by Capital Kings
  6. Got You On My Mind
  7. Electric Love by Britt Nicole
  8. Cant Live Without by Hollyn
  9. My Little Baby by Canon feat. DJ Official
  10. Nobody Love by Tori Kelly
  11.  Love Go High by Derek Minor feat, Chrisette Michelle
  12. Lights Go out by KB feat. Blanca and Justin Ebach
  13. Fallin In Love by Britt Nicole
  14. Be With You by Tedashii feat. Lester 'L2' Shaw
  15. All I Need Is You by Lecrae
  16. I Can Wait by Trip Lee
  17. 808 by Tedashii
  18. All My Love by Hollyn
  19. First Heartbreak by Tori Kelly
  20. I was Made for Loving You

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