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Who are you? Who do you think you are? Much deeper than you think,the question seems simple on the surface but the content it holds can change or ruin the life of someone. We all have been asked this question in years past and various answer has been given to this but non has really answered the self claim "simple question." Who are you is a question that defines you, a question that reveals your capabilities, it's a single question that identifies your whole essence of existence. If you are still having difficulties answering that question, you are losing your value.
For you to be able to give an accurate answer that best suit that question, you have to be familiar with the little question that makes up that single question.

SELF-AWARENESS: Self awareness is the recognition of your personality, your strength and weakness, your likes and dislikes. Developing self awareness can help you to recognize WHO YOU ARE  and assess your abilities.

you have to be able to i…