Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Inspiring Poem

Did you know that the month April is recognized as World Poetry month.

In honour of this and also because I'm a poet, I'm publishing a self-written poem titled, I'm a Youth.

The poem identifies the carefree lifestyle of youths of this generation. I wrote this poem through accumulated experiences, how I feel at times as well as what I see in many youths. Hope you are inspired;

Poem: I'm a Youth
I'm a youth
This means I'm young
I'm growing
and developing

I'm a youth
This means I can be shy
I can be immature
I can do insensible things

I'm a youth
My mum says I'm strong headed
I love to do things myself
and take orders from no one.

I'm a youth
My dad gives me responsibilities
I grumble, groan
and cant wait to be
in the company of my friends.

I'm a youth
This means I'm always concerned
about my looks- shape, clothes, hair
I try to be updated on the latest trends.

I'm a youth
I love to listen to loud music
dance all day
and waste away valuable time.

I'm a youth
I feel I have a hundred years ahead of me
I enjoy not having the weight of life on me
Adventure is my only call

I'm a youth
I'm ignorant of my potentials
of my capabilities
and my worth.

I'm a youth
Life is all about fun for me
Life is sweet and cool when you're a youth.
You never hear the clock ticking.

I'm a youth
I do anything and everything
but the things that'll make me better.
For me, life is to be enjoyed.

I'm a youth
All I need are drinks, tv, food and friends
stupid imagination
and a daring heart.

I'm a youth
I am soon to wake up from my hallucinations
and realize that there's a mountain
at the end of the smooth, fun road.

I'm a youth
about to not be a youth
and to realize that the clock was ticking
and energetic life had gone.



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