Friday, 26 May 2017

Why So Many Mistakes?

This week most definitely should be tagged, 'Mistake Week'. I mean from forgetting the money my mum told me too keep to loosing money, I mean why not? I forgot to give my baby bro water. Forgot to iron my uniform and then forgot that I wasn't supposed to use my bathroom as the plumber was yet to fix the W/C. Sheesh, I've been a scattered head this week.

I hate it  when I make stupid mistakes. Especially when I could have easily avoided them. Its so annoying! I honestly wish I had a remote control that could rewind me back in time (that would be AWESOME!). But I don't. So I'm stuck having to face the consequences of my mistakes I really wish I hadn't made. Sometimes I really don't get myself. I mean things could have turned out differently if only I did what was right. And I just don't mean simply forgetting something. You know that feeling when you do something wrong and you to feel guilty and start scrutinizing your actions. Your conscience becomes the dreaded judge of your life. Hate that feeling. I wonder why I seem to always mess up. It can be really frustrating at times.

But all in all, I do have to say a big thank you to my Lord, who has seen me through my emotional battles I've had to face as a result of my bad decisions. He certainly has been a father. Still listening to my prayers, though I do,t deserve that.

So to you Lord, I say a big thank you. Thank you for always being there for me. Notwithstanding the many mistakes I've made. Thanks for your listening ears 👂 Lord. You've always seen me through times like this and I'm truly grateful.

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